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AA DxP Oil Palm Seeds

SIRIM & MPOB Licensed Seeds

AA DxP seeds and seedlings are licensed by SIRIM and MPOB.

Superior Pedigree Seeds

AA DxP seeds are produced from selected dura and pisifera parents derived from superior pedigrees, which are featured in the best DxP seeds produced locally and internationally.

Ulu Remis Deli duras are known for their uniform high yield and good oil extraction characteristics. La Me and Dabou Deli duras have been selected for high bunch weight, good oil extraction and short stature. In the production of AA DxP seeds, attempts are made to combine the best attributes of these pedigrees to give rise to palms with high oil yield and a small palm stature, important attributes in our increasingly scarce and costly labour market.
AA DxP pisifera parents inherit the high bunch yield characteristic of S27B, AVROS and Yangambi, the high oil extraction of AVROS and Yangambi and the short stature of the Dumpy and the Yangambi parents.

The next generation of AA pisiferas (Dy.Ybi.AVROS) will combine the best features of Dy.AVROS and Ybi.AVROS pisiferas.


Your Solution To Higher Profitability

ESIGEL is a superior product for latex stimulation based on improved formulation of ethephon prepared by Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd.. This formulation incorporating amendments, enhances the efficiency of ethephon by early release of ethylene gas into the tree system.

Using the groove technique of application, ESIGEL was found to give a higher yield response than traditional ethephon formulations. As price of ESIGEL is competitive and comparable with traditional ethephon formulations, a yield advantage may be obtained at no extra cost.

ESIGEL is available in 2.5%, 5.0% and 10.0% ready to use formulations. Guildlines for use of ESIGEL are given in the labels. It should however be borne in mind that yield response to ESIGEL will depend on several other factors i.e type of clone, age of material, tapping system, nutritional status of the trees, etc.


Another Labour Saving Innovation for Practical Planters
Do you have a large replant and have difficulty in keeping up with your circle weeding and frequent manuring rounds in your immature oil palm areas? If you have, AA MULCH™ will help you to:
  • Reduce circle weeding for the first 18-24 months, therebysaving on labour and materials
  • Save on fertilizer application as one application lasts up to 14 months* (Similar to application of slow release fertilizers)
  • Reduce fertilizer loss
  • Avoid chemical phytotoxicity and scorching of palm leaves, resulting in better palm growth and high early yields

* Depends on soil type and rainfall

AA MULCH™ can also help you to:

  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Obtain better growth especially in areas with extreme climate eg. very low or very high rainfall
  • Give better growth than EFB mulching on poor shallow soils such as lateritic and very sandy areas
AA MULCH™ (Malaysian patent and trademark pending) is a specially designed modified polythene sheet used in a system of mulching oil palm to minimise circle weeding and frequent fertilizer application.

Laboratory Analytical Services

AAR Analytical Laboratory maintains the highest precision for its analytical tests to complement the best agricultural decision making by estates in particular those under our Principals, Messrs Boustead Holdings Berhad and Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad advisory. We also provide the same services to plantations and fertilizer companies in Southeast Asia, East Asia and Pacific regions.

Analytical Services for Plantations

Specialize in a range of chemical and physical tests for soil, plant and fertilizer.

Efficient Services

  1. Follow standard protocols
  2. Deliver results on time within the month
  3. Long term staff to ensure accuracy and user confidence in our laboratory results
Quality Assurance

AAR Analytical Laboratory maintains and ensures the highest precision in all analytical results.


The laboratory has modern equipment e.g.

  • CNS
  • ICP
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Flame Photometers
  • Semi-Auto Distillation units
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

GPS/GIS and Remote Sensing Services

We are trained and well equipped to produce and maintain high quality geo-referenced digital estate maps.
Advantages in getting estate map digitally mapped with geo-referenced earth coordinates:

  • Land areas can be quickly and accurately verified.
  • Maps can be produced in various desirable scales and sizes.
  • Spatial data, e.g. variations in terrain and soil can be visualized.
  • Facilitate data retrieval from useful source maps of varying scales.
  • Facilitate satellite data search and image analysis.
  • Facilitate desktop land suitability studies.
  • Real-time field navigation is made possible.
  • Useful for planning roads, planting terraces and drainage scheme.
We also provide services in spatial analysis to plantations and are ready to assist you in exploring the advanced yet affordable satellite imaging technology to your benefit.

Agronomic Advisory Services


  • Agronomic visit and drawing up of manuring recommendations
  • Undertake leaf and soil sampling and also soil survey of estate
  • Special visits where necessary
  • Special discount on seed/ramet purchase
  • AAR newsletters and Advisory Circulars


  • Soil suitability and crop feasibility evaluations at semi-detailed and detailed levels
  • Projections on yield potential and soil management practices are also provided