AAR Newsletters

May 2017

  • Oil Palm and The Number 42
  • AAR Social News
  • AAR New Recruits

September 2016

  • OIL PALM 101: Everything you need to know about oil palm, exclusively written by the oil palm gurus
  • AAR Social News
  • AAR New Recruits

March 2016

  • Ganoderma boninense: A rich source of its own enemies
  • Feeding Behaviour of Metisa plana Walker (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) in Lab Condition and size estimation at each life stages of wild population in an estate in Johor
  • AAR Social News

October 2015

  • CAPTURS: An Automatic Palm Tree Counting System
  • Potential Carbon Stock and Management of Carbon in Oil Palm Plantations on Mineral Soils
  • The Growing of Oil Palm : Where are We?
  • AARSRC Highlights 2015
  • PT AARI Social News
  • AAR Social News

December 2014

  • Genotype Effect on Oil Palm Tissue Culture Callogenesis and Embryogenesis
  • ISO Quality Management System in AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • AAR Sports Club News
  • AAR New Recruits

April 2014

  • Nursery Practical Guide: Identifying abnormal seedlings/ramets in the nursery
  • Culling abnormal palms in young fields
  • Symptoms caused by Potassium (K) deficiency, Pesta-Lotiopsis leaf spot disease & genetic orange spotting (GOS)
  • AA+ MULCH: A smart way to raise healthy & uniform young palms in the field
  • AAR Social News

September 2013

  • Remote sensing & digital technologies for plantation management
  • Sustainable oil palm industry revisited
  • AAR New recruits
  • AAR Social News

February 2013

  • Message from Mr. Goh Kah Joo (Director of Research, AAR)
  • Message from Dr. Kee Khan Kiang (President Director, PT AARI)
  • Integration of Biotechnological Procedures into AAR Crop Improvement, Plant-Pathogen Interaction and Efficient Nutrient Uptake for Oil Palm.
  • AAR Social News

September 2010

  • Benchmarking Best Performing Semi-clonal Seeds Against Tenera Clones: Avenue for Superior Ortet Identification
  • AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory ISO 9001:2008 Certification Celebration
  • Official Opening of AAR-UNMC Biotechnology Research Centre
  • AAR Soil Correlation Tour 2010
  • AAR Agronomy Training 2009
  • PT AARI 2nd Annual General Meeting 2009
  • PT AARI Refresher Course
  • Social and Personal

April 2010

  • Editorial
  • Major Pests of Oil Palm
  • Census for Pest Monitoring in Oil Palm Plantations: Some Basic Concepts
  • Pest and Disease Training
  • Conquering Mount Kinabalu
  • Social and Personal

October 2009

  • Fertiliser Management and Productivity of Oil Palm in Malaysia
  • A Site Selection – land suitability

May 2009

  • Special Issue – Remembrance and Tribute to Mdm. Ho Yuk Wah
  • Condolences
  • Editorial
  • New Recruits
  • Promotions

December 2008

  • Biotechnological Approaches in Producing Oil Palm Planting Material
  • Official opening of AAR Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Social and Personal

December 2007

  • Turning POME and EFB into organic fertilizer without waste and discharge
  • Abstracts from published papers
  • Social and Personal

May 2007

  • Message from Dr. Kee Khan Kiang
  • Mucuna bracteata: a cover crop and living green manure
  • Social and Personal

October 2006

  • Use of short cuts to extend the lifespan of PB 260 – By Chan Weng Hoong
  • Social and Personal

April 2006

  • New perspective for rubber planting in a large plantation group – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Impact of phosphate rock and legume planting system on P uptake and dry matter production of Mucuna Bracteata under oil palm – By Patrick Ng, H.C., Goh, K. J., Gan, H. H. and Zaharah, A. R.
  • Social and Personal

October 2005

  • How much to pay for clonal oil palm? – By Ooi Ling Hoak
  • Evaluation of gaseous stimulation systems for rubber – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

April 2005

  • Use of mobile GIS to enchance estate management – By Tey Seng Heng & Heng Yong Choon
  • Highlights of International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) Conference in Kun Ming, China (6-12 September 2004) – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Special advisory note on production of budsticks from mature rubber trees – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

October 2004

  • Some pulverisation techniques of clearing old palms for replanting
  • AAR forestry project – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Some notes on Mucuna bracteata, a new shade tolerant legume – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Woman over 30!

April 2004

  • Application of geographic information technologies in plantation crops – By Tey Seng Heng
  • Experiences and lessons from oil palm clonal evaluation trials and commerical test plantings – By Tan C.C.,Wong G., Soh A.C., Hor T.Y., Chong S.P. and Gopal K.
  • Special advisory note on the management of Potassium deficiency in mature oil palms – By Curtis Tan
  • Current outlook for investment in rubber – By Chan Weng Hong
  • Social and Personal

October 2003

  • Direct application of empty fruit bunches (EFB) to mature oil palm fields – By Ooi Ling Hoak, P. Kodiappan and P. Muthukumaran
  • Introducing beneficial plants as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy in oil palm plantations – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Special advisory note on management of Magnesium deficiency in mature oil palms – By Asraf Mohamad Idrus
  • AAR Indonesian substation – By Heriansyah
  • Course on vehicle maintenance and safe driving – By Teo Chor Boo
  • Social and Personal

March 2003

  • Characteristics of peat and its nutritional requirements for oil palm cultivation – By Arif Sugandi
  • Control of termite infestation in oil palms on peat – AAR advisory article
  • Special advisory note on management of B deficiency in mature oil palm – By Kee Khan Kiang
  • Social and Personal

September 2002

  • Field Day cum Official Opening at Paloh Substation on 10 October 2002

October 2001

  • Nursery Practises for production of superior oil palm planting materials
  • Esigel
  • Special advisory note on panel notation in Rubber
  • Social and Personal

April 2001

  • Innovations to management practices in oil palm estate
  • Fully mechanised sulphur dusting to control Oidium SLF
  • Social and Personal

November 2000

  • An Improved Field Practice and Mechanisation of FFB Evacuation and Manuring in Oil Palm Plantations
  • Expected Genetic Improvements in Oil Palm Planting Materials
  • Applicability of precision farming for oil palm plantations in Malaysia
  • Social and Personal

May 2000

  • Causes of Outbreak and Failure to control bagworms in oil palm
  • The Effect of Prolonged Disbudding of Early Yield of Oil Palm
  • Social and Personal

January 2000

  • Speech by Aik Chin at Poh soon’s farewell dinner
  • Planter’s Toolbox in the 21st Century
  • Water Cycling and Balance in mature Oil Palm Agroecosystem in Malaysia
  • Advances in Oil Palm Agronomic Recommendations
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for Management in Plantation Crops
  • The Potential of LANDSAT TM Remote Sensing Images for Oil Palm estate management
  • 1999 AAR Sports Club Highlights

October 1999

  • Fertiliser Management in Oil Palm – Agronomic Principles and Field Practices
  • Social and Personal

May 1999

  • Yield Improvement Project
  • Social and Personal

January 1999

  • An Update of the Oil Palm Industry Low OER problems
  • Liquid suspension culture-a potential technique for mass production of OP clones
  • An integrated weed management system for Asystasia gangetica sup. Micrantha in OP estates
  • Acclimatisation and handling of OP tissue cultured plantlets for large scale commercial production
  • Social and Personal

October 1998

  • Optimising Return from Fertiliser for Oil Palms:An Integrated Agronomic Approach

May 1998

  • A Short Note on Effective Service in the Private sector
  • A Career in Development in Plantation Crops
  • Integrated Nutrient Management for sustaining high yields of Plantation tree crops in Tropical Asia
  • Applications of Global Positioning System and Geographical Information System in Oil Palm Estates
  • Abstracts of Paper submitted for 1998 IOPRI Conference
  • Social and Personal

January 1998

  • 1997 AARSB Sports Club Dinner and roll of honour
  • Impacts of the Current Currency fluctuations on Oil Palm estates
  • The Effect of light, fertiliser and planting density on the growth and flowering of Asystica gangetica subsp. Micrantha
  • Social and Personal

October 1997

  • Oil Palm Breeding and Tissue Culture
  • Rubber Agronomy
  • Oil Palm Agronomy
  • Techno-Economic and Management
  • Plant Protection
  • Information and Management
  • Soil Survey
  • Plantation Forestry
  • Social and Personal

May 1997

  • Prospect for Precision Plantation Practices in Oil Palm
  • Social and Personal

January 1997

  • 1996 AARSB Sports Club annual dinner and roll of honour
  • Abstracts of papers submitted for 1997 International Planters Conference
  • AAR Sports Club News
  • Social and Personal

May 1996

  • AAR Seminar/Field day
  • Analysis of 1991 to 1995 cocoa yields
  • Assist: An Expert system to identify soil series

January 1996

  • Run-off and erosion studies- PM75 Balau
  • Herbicide phytotoxicity on oil palm
  • Clonal propagation programme at AAR
  • Global information system(GIS) and global positioning system(GPS) for plantations
  • Current status of trials on AAR jacket system of exploitation in rubber
  • Rubber Growers’ Conference
  • Direct application of phosphate rocks to plantation tree crops in Malaysia
  • Social and Personal

October 1995

  • Mechanisation of fertiliser application in OP
  • Comparison between Sime and Guthrie poles
  • Integrated in-field ffb collection and direct loading systems
  • A new technique of leguminous cover crop (LCC) establishment
  • Use of slow/controlled release fertilizers in OP nursery
  • Palm kernel shell (PKS) and cocopeat as light weight planting medium in OP nursery
  • Comparison of slow/controlled released fertilisers in rubber nursery
  • Social and personal

January 1995

  • As you sow so shall you reap
  • Safe use of Furadan and pesticides
  • Danum valley
  • Trash Removal in Oil Palm loose fruits
  • Social and Personal

May 1995

  • Industry’s low OER problems – impact outlook and implications
  • Social and Personal

October 1994

  • An integrated site specific fertiliser recommendation system (INFERS) for high production in mature oil palms
  • Prospective solution to current problems in Hevea exploitation in a large group of estates
  • Sustainability of Oil palm Plantations in Malaysia as assessed by a Framework Approach
  • Maximising and maintaining Oil Palm yield on commercial scale in Malaysia
  • Oil Palm Breeding : The previous and the next 50 years
  • Characterisation of phosphate rock reactivity and implications on manuring practices in Malaysia
  • Commercial yield performance of Oil Palm in Sabah, Malaysia
  • Genetic improvement of plantation crops in Malaysia
  • Comparative performance of plantation companies listed on KLSE
  • Further advances in agronomic management of Oil Palm plantations
  • Utilization of PORIM’s Nigerian prospected materials. Very preliminary results of crosses of Nigerian dura and tenera – selections with AAR’s selected duras and teneras/pisiferas
  • The need for soil information to optimise Oil Palm yields
  • Primary production of cocoa
  • An integrated fertiliser management system for Oil Palm
  • Investigation into Manganese deficiency in mature oil palms (E.guineensis) in Malaysia
  • Fertilizer analysis cross-checks in Malaysia 1992-93
  • Social

October 1993

  • Highlights Of Research – Rubber
  • Highlights Of Research – Cocoa
  • Highlights Of Research – Coconut
  • Highlights Of Research – Oil Palm
  • Highlights Of Research – Miscellaneous
  • Abstracts Of AAR Technical Papers

July 1993

  • Production of Oil Palm plantlets through Tissue Culture
  • Clonal Oil Palm practices
  • Production of AA DxP seeds
  • Controlled Pollination Procedures
  • Preparation, storage and germination of OP seeds
  • Illegitimate Contamination of Commercial DxP seeds

January 1993

  • Oil Palm breeding
  • Abnormalities in Clonal Oil Palms

October 1992

  • Rat Baits
  • Micropopagation of pineapple through tissue culture
  • Tissue culture for orchids
  • Laboratory services
  • Rubber Rainguard
  • Oil Palm Breeding & Seed production

May 1992

  • ISOP International workshop
  • Reflections – Mina Salleh
  • General News-House

January 1992

  • 1991 International Conferences – Highlights

October 1991

  • Crop news – 1990 Yield Analysis
  • Vetiver Grass Cover
  • Feedback

May 1991

  • Crop news – Are high cocoa yields possible in AAR advisory estates?
  • Highlights of Workshop – “Phosphate sources for Acid soils in the humid tropics of Asia
  • Home News – Pride of AAR & The Sg.Buloh Tragedy

January 1991

  • Guest articles – R & D of pesticides
  • Pesticide safety and handling
  • Pesticides Regulation
  • Sulphur Dusting on Oidium in Rubber

October 1990

  • AAR Research Highlights
  • Cocoa Production cost in N. Sumatra

May 1990

  • Analysis of 1989 Oil Palm yields of AAR advisory estates
  • 3rd International conference on Crop Protection in the Tropics

January 1990

  • Assessing Results
  • Analysis of 1989 Cocoa yields
  • 1989 Performance of AAR’s Rubber Advisory Estates

October 1989

  • Managing For Super Oil Palm New Planting
  • Reduction In Period of Immaturity in Rubber
  • Immaturity Period and High Early yield cocoa

May 1989

  • Analysis of Crop yields
  • Production of Cost Equation in Cocoa
  • Fertiliser Briefs

January 1989

  • Regional Rainfall pattern
  • The Biotechological Explosion
  • Plant BioTech’88

October 1988

  • The choice of a foliar fertiliser
  • National Oil Palm Fertiliser
  • Survey of Rat bait prices

May 1988

  • Editorial-The Third Crop Cocoa
  • Some Agronomic problems in the Sandakan Cocoa Estates
  • BioTechnology Upgraded Oils
  • AAR Cocoa Research programmes

January 1988

  • Why Our Own R & D programme?
  • AAR Research programmes
  • Rubber’s Growers Conference

October 1987

  • 1987 International Conference
  • Revised International Notation for Exploitation Systems in Rubber
  • Taiko Plantations Managers’ Conference
  • Urea-Tech 1987

May 1987

  • Excellence in Agronomic Service
  • AAR Recommendations of Rubber Clones: Are you ready for Urea?
  • Crop news: Oil Palm Yield Trends: Cocoa Cropping Pattern in Sandakan
  • P&D News:Pest Control Profile – Leaf eating caterpillars
  • Conference News:Management of the Cocoa Pod Borer

January 1987

  • Articles: Positive Responses to very low palm oil prices. MAWA coconut make the difference
  • Rubber Growers’ Conference 1986
  • IDS Seminar 1986
  • The AA Team


AAR wishes to congratulate Ms. Gan Siau Ting and their team members for being awarded the 2013 PIPOC’s Best Poster Award, for their poster paper “A High Density DArT- and SNP-based Linkage Map of ...
AAR wishes to congratulate Mr. Sim Choon Cheak for being awarded the 2012 Scholar Award, Southeast Asia region by IPNI. For further details, please visit IPNI website at http://www.ipni.net/article/I...
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe GLC Open Day, a showcase of government-linked companies in collaborations with private sectors was held from 24-26 June 2011 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Boustead Holdings Bhd. is on...
The original article in PDF format\r\n\r\nAs food prices escalate throughout the world, scientists say it is time for Malaysia to pay more attention to soil and crop research.\r\n\r\n\"The crisis of high foo...
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nDr. Kee Khan Kiang, Director of Research, AAR holding the certificate of achievement during the 5th Malaysia Power Brand 2011 Award Gala Dinner held on 27 March 2011.\r\n\r\n\r\nCongr...
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nNote: This article is written by Dr. Chee in mandarin and published by Agroworld, Issue No. 236, February 2011, Kuala Lumpur : 34-36. (Translated by Soon, S.H. and reviewed by Wong, C.K.)\r\n...
RM4.4b allocation for oil palm replanting (published in Business Times dated 5 January 2011)\r\n\r\nThe original article in PDF format\r\nMalaysia\'s oil palm industry will spend RM4.4 billion to replan...
From \'Dolly Parton\' bunches to smaller one, oil-laden ones (published in Business Times, 23 November 2010)\r\n\r\nClick here to enlarge image\r\n...
Congratulations to AAR on being awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification for its Tissue Culture Laboratory (published in New Straits Times dated 20 November 2010)\r\n...
(The mandarin version of this article is published in Alam Pertanian, issue 8, 2010. This article is translated from mandarin to English by SSH)\r\n(The Bahasa Malaysia version of this article is a...
\"油棕品种 - 矮种,高产量,高油量特点 - 打造丰硕收成油棕园\" (published in Alam Pertanian, issue 7, 2010)\r\n\r\n\r\n...
\"Baka Kelapa Sawit Terkini Untuk Meraih Hasil Yang Tinggi\" (published in Info Pertanian, issue 7, 2010)\r\n >>Mandarin version<<\r\n\r\n\r\n...
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nScope of certification: Production and sales of tissue cultured clonal oil palm planting materials starting from the receiving of embryoids\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAcknowledgeme...
Aerial Impression of AAR\'s New Complex\r\n\r\n\r\n[ngg_images source=\"albums\" container_ids=\"2\" display_type=\"photocrati-nextgen_basic_extended_album\" gallery_display_type=\"photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnai...
We regret to announce the sudden demise of a dear friend and colleague Madam Ho Yuk Wah recently. The International Oil Palm fraternity has lost a valuable member who had contributed so much to the in...
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\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOrder form\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nPreface\r\n\"There has never been a cover crop like this before in our plantations\" was the common comment that we heard at the Seminar and Field Tour on \" Mucuna bract...
The Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang refuted allegations made by some Western non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that peat soil in Sarawak was unsuitable for plantin...
Centre for crop research (published in The Star dated 25 February 2007)\r\n...
Queen\'s Royal Visit to Goodenough College\r\n\r\nMr. Patrick Ng (second from left) was presented to the Queen of United Kingdom on 10 November 2006.\r\n\"Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of United Kingdom would...
AA Resources optimistic of 20pc sales growth (published in New Straits Times dated 19/07/2006)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nEditor\'s notes\r\nErrata\r\n1) Dr. Soh Aik Chin is Head of Agricultural Resources and not chief exe...
Cloned oil palms push up AAR revenue (published in The Star dated 19/07/2006)\r\n\r\nEditor\'s notes\r\nErrata\r\n1) Dr. Soh Aik Chin is Head of Agricultural Resources and not chief executive officer....
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWe are proud to announce that Dr Soh Aik Chin, the Head of Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd., has been awarded the Fellow of Academy Science for year 2006 under the biological scien...
Clones from Ijok (published in Malaysian Business dated 16-30 June 2006)\r\n\r\n\r\n...
AAR is proud to announce that Mr. Patrick Ng (Research Officer), who joined us in 1998 has been awarded the prestigious \'British Chevening Scholarships\' for year 2006 from the British Council of Malay...
\r\n\r\n\r\nAAR wish to congratulate Madam Siti Norasikin Binti Moksen (Research Clerk) on her successful completion of the Executive Diploma in Management with Distinction from University of Malaya. It is ...
\r\nWe are proud to announce that Dr Soh Aik Chin, the Head of Advanced Agriecological Research Sdn. Bhd., was presented the prestigious Malaysian Toray Science Foundation 2005 Science & Technology ...